Design to trade is an immerging business for GFDS to create new market destinations for home and garden decoration, furniture and architecture. We find new business opportunities by 3 major influences that are essential sourcing intelligence for buyers. The manufacturer, product price and product innovation.
We are driven by strong tradition of creativity, allowing to create models that comes in unique designs, technique and aesthetics. Understanding that most buyers are seeking for new designs and innovations, we taking the manufacturing industry into another level. Designing and developing the most selected authentic products from different kinds of material such as metal, wood, boards & natural fibers combined with ceramics, terracotta, glass and poly products.
GFDS was brainstorm into life on Aug 2012 by Filipino designer,  Edward Gomez and Vietnamese project especialist, Lucy Nguyen. It was created to bring a design studio and showroom of innovative products and designs.  The studio was then part of many different design and development projects for international retailers in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It works with leading sourcing agents, manufacturers and importers. In December 2014, GFDS launched their showroom and workshop for their own designed and produced products. Then started exporting, trading and local retailing.
Their products are exquisitely handmade by local artisans. GFDS designs are produced by leading manufacturers.
We believe that design is opportunities and we are able to provide products from our main objectives.

·   Straight forward approach. By listening to it is you need we can create the design to meet your objectives.

·   Expand the market and advocate the benefits and value the quality design to manufacturer and the buyer.

·   Deliver a better and competitive product from concepts to implementation to sales.

·   Combine the business objectives and market requirements with our creativity and methodology.

·   Designing, re-designing and finding innovative solutions to develop of totally new product concepts in affordable price.

·   Provide practical application and information of design and product development.